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Acupuncture Effective For Depression

Studies: Acupuncture Effective For Depression Many people suffering from depression can find a natural and effective way to treat their symptoms with acupuncture, according to the latest study. A study published by researchers from the University of York in the United Kingdom showed patients who suffer from depression may benefit more from acupuncture or counseling alongside their usual care, compared with usual care alone. The researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial of 755 patients with moderate to severe depression from

Acupuncture: It’s As Good As Drugs For Treating Pain

At last the truth about acupuncture: it’s as good as drugs for treating pain (This finding was first published in May 2005 in The UK Independent Digital.) Critics of the ancient Chinese therapy say it is no better than a placebo. But a new study using brain-mapping shows it has a similar effect to standard Western medicines. Skeptics have long claimed that acupuncture is all in the mind. But a ground-breaking new study has found that the ancient Chinese practice is

Shop Small Business Saturday

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